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Our diverse team brings together powerful personal stories, the unique experience of the White House, four major American presidential campaigns, international development, and business know-how to help you tell your story, connect with an unrivaled network of catalysts in government and the private sector, and achieve results.

Whether it's your personal profile, your business or city's brand, or a public engagement campaign, our team works with you to craft a compelling narrative, maximize your resources, and engage with your target audience to move you to the forefront in your issue area.


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Does the NSA Document Dump help or hurt Obama? Luis Miranda joins Chuck Todd on the Daily Rundown's gaggle on MSNBC. [MSNBC, August 22, 2013]

Georgeta Dragoiu: "It's time to start a meaningful debate about how minority women can make the leap from cleaning the boardroom to leading it." [Washington Post, August 20, 2013]

Luis Miranda joins Julie Mason in The Press Pool on SiriusXM POTUS for a candid conversation. Part 1 | Part 2 [SiriusXM, August 22, 2013]

"Luis Miranda, former head of Hispanic media for the White House, has a warning for Hill Republicans: Block the nomination of Thomas Perez for Labor secretary at your own peril." [Politico, May 29, 2013]


"Former WH Hispanic Media Dir. Luis Miranda, the Washington Post's Nia-Malika Henderson and National Review/CNBC's Robert Costa, join The Daily Rundown gaggle to talk about the progress of the Senate’s immigration bill, the scandals plaguing the White House, and Obama’s visit to the Jersey Shore." MSNBC, May 28, 2013]


"¿Qué pasó con AP y el IRS? Luis Miranda, estratega demócrata, y Juan Hernández, estratega republicano, debaten sobre estos escándalos." CNN en Español, May 14, 2013]


“Miranda said Obama becomes frustrated when the media focuses broadly on the politics of a given situation and not the specific policy proposals in question.” [Mediaite on MSNBC appearance, April 29, 2013]


“With immigration reform at the forefront of debate on Capitol Hill, a former White House aide is opening up about his past as an undocumented immigrant… In a USA Today op-ed…Miranda…tells the story...” [ABC News, April 24, 2013]

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